Sissy Assignments - You will sizzle, squirm, and love my soft, charming voice.

Custom Designed Sissy Assignments will leave you gasping. Call me and get a sissy assignment of a lifetime.


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Calls after 10:30 PM Eastern
After hour calls by appointment only.
Mistress does not stay up all hours of the night
waiting for you to call because your
pathetic dicklet won't let you sleep.
If you think you'll need middle of the night
attention, make an appointment.

60 minutes.......$99.00
45 minutes.........89.00
30 minutes.........79.00
15 minutes.........40.00
Karen Leigh
P.O. Box 197
Bear Creek, N.C. 27207

I'm Mistress Karen Leigh

Mistress Karen Leigh
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1-919-837-5033 - for sissy email assignments
A message from Mistress Karen:

Sissy email assignments! Don't stretch your panties yet, girls! Your questions will be answered.

Call me to pay by credit card, or you may send the fee to my snail mail address. The fee for a set of three assignments is $45.00. If you prefer only one assignment, the fee is $25.00. Three assignments for $45.00 is obviously the better choice. However, sissies are known for making poor choices (are you wearing pink panties and a purple bra -- yech) so I won't be surprised if one assignment is all you want.

Assignments consist of tasks that I give a sissy, all based on your individual circumstaces. This is a case where one size bra does not fit all! Girls know that size counts - cup size! So, in order for me to devise your assignments, you will have to submit a detailed profile of yourself.

What do I expect to get out of this besides the fee? FUN, CONTROL, AND MORE FUN!

I enjoy knowing and seeing how my girls are dressed, and I love hearing about their adventures in heels.

Yes, Yes, you too will get addicted to my voice, so just call and let's play dressup.

It makes my day knowing that you are doing something that is frustrating, humiliating, difficult or even scary!

In fact,

I will think about what you're doing many times a day and then look forward to your daily report. I enjoy reading them while having my morning coffee so sending your report in the evening is ideal.

Yes, a daily report is required. How else am I to know that you're doing the task you've been given?

Now, your profile.

Here is a list of questions you must answer. Don't mince words! The more information I have, the better your assignments will be!

1. Are you married or in a relationship?
Does your SO know about your sissyhood?
2. Do you live alone?
3. Do you work at home, at an office, and does your job require you to travel?
Traveling in panties is fun, but watch out at airports, girls.
4. What kind of kinky things excite you? (I know, my control, but that's obvious) Example: doing daring things such as making feminine purchases, etc.
5. If you've had real life experience doing kinky things, what are they and how did they make you feel?
6. We all know that kids, animals, blood, scat, etc are obvious limits. Do you have others?
7. What is your reason for wanting to be femmed, to be sissified, to belong to me as a play toy?

There's just a bit more!

To sign up for assignments you must: (besides having nice new panties on)

Call me too pay by credit card. Do not send this information via email!

Once the business aspect is out of the way, you will send me your detailed profile to my address.

I will read the information you've sent and then will devise assignments just for you. It will take 2-3 days for me to create your first task, so be patient! (in other words, girls, keep those panties on)

Money orders - send to my snail mail address, include your email address so that I can let you know when I've received it. After that, you may send me your detailed profile.

Do NOT send me your profile before the assignments have been paid for!(like DUH! If I tell you I want you to go shopping, I expect you to follow directions! So let's start your obedience training right now!)

You may send me photos of yourself, but please, no cock shots or shots of your "back door". Thank you.

sign up! Don't be a chicken (we know you're a sissy - and it takes courage to be a sissy) so do it now!

I'm Mistress Karen Leigh, and I'm totally dominant and love giving sissy assignments. I love to direct sissies, to dress them in heels and hose. Think about calling because that is so much more fun for me and you also. Besides, I get to listen to you squirm with delight.

This is what I do for a living; I am good at being a Mistress, and I enjoy my guys. Some or my girly guys are owned, some just visit from time to time. I like them all.


Mistress Karen Leigh

60 minutes....................$99.00
45 minutes......................89.00
30 minutes......................79.00
15 minutes......................40.00

Email sissy assignments and phone sessions can be paid with any major credit card. Call to use credit card -- there is no charge to make a payment only. If you prefer to pre-pay via snail mail, you may send the fee to:

Karen Leigh
P.O. Box 197
Bear Creek, N.C. 27207

Mistress Welcome

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Email Assignments!
Keep one hand on phone,
and your other hand on
your credit card.

$15.00 per email assignment

three humiliating assignments

for a total of $45.00.

You will enjoy yourself,
but you will be controlled
in each sissy assignment.

Click sissy's dress!

Sissy Assignments by <br>Mistress Karen Leigh

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