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Calls after 10:30 PM Eastern
After hour calls by appointment only.
Mistress does not stay up all hours of the night
waiting for you to call because your
pathetic dicklet won't let you sleep.
If you think you'll need middle of the night
attention, make an appointment.

60 minutes.......$99.00
45 minutes.........89.00
30 minutes.........79.00
15 minutes.........40.00
Karen Leigh
P.O. Box 197
Bear Creek, N.C. 27207

I'm Mistress Karen Leigh

Mistress Karen Leigh
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Sissy Frillies, Lingerie - Oh the feel, the look, the excitement - call me for more.

Call me! A wonderful world of womanly lingerie and other delights awaits you, sissy.

Sissy frillies are lacy lingerie that sissies wear. Pretty panties, sexy bras, nighties, dresses, skirts or anything that is very feminine can be called a frilly. Sissies love to wear frillies for the feel and look, especially the look in the mirror. Sissies have a hidden frillies lingerie cache. Panties with lots of lace are frilly and in sissy lingo are called Frillies!

Wearing sissy frillies and looking in mirrors are fun.

I can add stimulating excitement to your sissy frillies mirror time.

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who is my favorite sissy of all?"

Call me! A wonderful world of womanly delights awaits you, sissy. I will slip deliciously frilly panties on you, perhaps a nice waist cincher with garters and hose. Heels with an ankle strap? Of course. We will have you in your frillies; that sinful shiver will run your spine, and I will love listening to your pleasure. Are you a sissy who wears frillies?

Sissy in her frillies.

Click her apron to go back.

Mistress Welcome

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Email Assignments!
Keep one hand on phone,
and your other hand on
your credit card.

$15.00 per email assignment

three humiliating assignments

for a total of $45.00.

You will enjoy yourself,
but you will be controlled
in each sissy assignment.

Click sissy's dress!

Sissy Assignments by <br>Mistress Karen Leigh

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