Sissy assignments

Sissy assignments will have you wiggling and squirming in your panties.


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Calls after 10:30 PM Eastern
After hour calls by appointment only.
Mistress does not stay up all hours of the night
waiting for you to call because your
pathetic dicklet won't let you sleep.
If you think you'll need middle of the night
attention, make an appointment.

60 minutes.......$99.00
45 minutes.........89.00
30 minutes.........79.00
15 minutes.........40.00
Karen Leigh
P.O. Box 197
Bear Creek, N.C. 27207

I'm Mistress Karen Leigh

Mistress Karen Leigh
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What is a sissy assignment?
How do you get your assignments?

A message from Mistress Karen:

When I was little, I played with dolls.

When I discovered men, I played with men.

When I discovered sissies, I thought I had gone to heaven. I love sissy assignments. I can dress up sissies just like my dolls, and I can create plays where my sissies perform for me.

I love sissifying guys; they are so much fun to play with.

Come be my sissy.

You will love it!(Really, most of my sissies are long time clients and some of my favorite toys.)

Email assignments:

First, call me to pay by credit card(no phone fee to pay a tribute), or send the fee for the sissy assignments to my snail mail address.

The fee for a set of three assignments is $45.00.

Sissy assignments are tasks I give you, based on your individual circumstances. One panty size does not fit all! So I need to find out what sort of panties you love the best. Maybe you want to see really big titties in the mirror. (like who doesn't)

Yes, yes, I do get paid to manage men. I also get my FUN, CONTROL of guys, AND MORE FUN! I will think about what you're doing many times a day and then look forward to your email report.

Now, back to your profile.

Here is a list of questions you must answer. Don't mince words! The more information I have, the better your assignments will be!

1. Married or in a relationship?
2. Live alone?
3. Work at home, at an office, and does your job require you to travel?
4. What kinky things excite you? (I know, control, but that's obvious)
5. We all know that kids, animals, blood, scat, etc are obvious limits. Do you have any others?

Do NOT send me your profile before the assignments have been paid for!

You may send me photos of yourself, but please, no cock shots or shots of your "back door". Thank you.

humiliated sissy

When Mistress gives a sissy an assignment, there will be no lying down on the job! So, click on the pretty sissy to return to the previous page.

Mistress Welcome

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Email Assignments!
Keep one hand on phone,
and your other hand on
your credit card.

$15.00 per email assignment

three humiliating assignments

for a total of $45.00.

You will enjoy yourself,
but you will be controlled
in each sissy assignment.

Click sissy's dress!

Sissy Assignments by <br>Mistress Karen Leigh

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