Sissy Dare
Are you too sissy for this dare?


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Calls after 10:30 PM Eastern
After hour calls by appointment only.
Mistress does not stay up all hours of the night
waiting for you to call because your
pathetic dicklet won't let you sleep.
If you think you'll need middle of the night
attention, make an appointment.

60 minutes.......$99.00
45 minutes.........89.00
30 minutes.........79.00
15 minutes.........40.00
Karen Leigh
P.O. Box 197
Bear Creek, N.C. 27207

I'm Mistress Karen Leigh

Mistress Karen Leigh
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A sissy dare: to display herself, perhaps.

Sissies enjoy lingerie, heels, hose, panties, bra, lipstick, cosmetics, wig, garter belt -- such wonders to explore.

So naughty, so decadent, OH SO stimulating, but so secret. Would you like to take my dare? Should you accept my dare, photograph yourself along the way. CALL ME when you are ready to begin.

Hmmmm. Things you will need for this dare:

Bra -- well stuffed, dear!

Watch my hips wiggle, my tits bounce. Click me to see DARE #2

Panties -- well already stuffed! Panties and bra must match!

Hose -- thighhighs or stockings with garter belt -- the sexier the better!

Necklace and earrings!


Lipstick, powder, blush, nails (fingers and toes) (Yes, yes, nail color and lipstick match your panties, dear!)

Heels -- with an ankle strap or something to prevent you from kicking the heels OFF!

Perfume -- that should be easy. Use a lot!

A nice belt that you are willing to punch an extra hole in.

A pair of handcuffs --- with two KEYS! The double locking kind, dear!

Dress -- yes, you will be wearing a dress for this dare.

You will also need a bucket that fits into your freezer. Figure out a way to suspend ONE of the handcuff keys in the middle of the bucket. Freeze it for a day before you are ready. The other key will be attached to an earring that you will be wearing.

Things to do:

1. Punch a new hole in the center back of the belt.

2. Push one handcuff through the hole, but do not close the handcuff yet.

3. Freeze key in the middle of a bucket of ice, on a string so key is in middle of ice.

4. With the key frozen in the middle of your bucket, take ice bucket to a hidden location outside, and return.

5. Get DRESSED, dear.

6. Absolutely no male clothes of any kind.

7. Be certain that you can not remove your heels, your wig is on firmly, and your lipstick is correct.

8. Now the belt! Slip the belt around your waist. If you have done this correctly, the handcuffs will be dangling in the middle of your back. Tighten the belt and cinch it in place. The belt buckle will be in front, and the cuffs will be in the center of your back.

9. Is everything straight! Look in the mirror. Take deep breath. Click the cuffs closed on each wrist. Now you can not undo the belt, your heels, your dress, your wig.

10. WAIT

For What? How Long? Try to stay calm. Relax. The ice will melt. What is someone else finds your bucket of ice?

Eventually the ice will melt and you can go and get the key! But when? How long? Maybe you want to wait till dark?

Safety issue: Invite a friend over, being certain to time the friend's arrival well after the dare is over. Just in case something goes wrong, wear the second handcuff key as an earring.

In worst case, the friend can use that key to free you, if he or she wants you free. Don't forget to leave your front door unlocked!

Optional: figure out a way to call me while you are trapped. Oh, will I make you squirm and you can't get any relief.

Whatever you do, Call Me, when you finish. I will want pics, so plan for that, too.

If you don't call, you will miss something interesting.

Squeeze Me to go back.

Mistress Welcome

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Email Assignments!
Keep one hand on phone,
and your other hand on
your credit card.

$15.00 per email assignment

three humiliating assignments

for a total of $45.00.

You will enjoy yourself,
but you will be controlled
in each sissy assignment.

Click sissy's dress!

Sissy Assignments by <br>Mistress Karen Leigh

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