Sissy Humiliation

Submit to a beautiful woman; then sissy humiliation becomes so delicious, erotic.


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Calls after 10:30 PM Eastern
After hour calls by appointment only.
Mistress does not stay up all hours of the night
waiting for you to call because your
pathetic dicklet won't let you sleep.
If you think you'll need middle of the night
attention, make an appointment.

60 minutes.......$99.00
45 minutes.........89.00
30 minutes.........79.00
15 minutes.........40.00
Karen Leigh
P.O. Box 197
Bear Creek, N.C. 27207

I'm Mistress Karen Leigh

Mistress Karen Leigh
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The ultimate sissy humiliation is being displayed by me, Mistress Karen Leigh.

The whisper of your hose rubbing one leg upon another. The whisper of my voice when you apply your lipstick. The sweet agony of twisting and turning as you learn to fasten your bra. Learning to be a sweet sissy boy-girl is one humiliation after another, and each one more alluring than the last.

Remember that excited rush the first time your own panties slipped up your legs allowing you to nestle in the sweet caress of a forbidden female garment?

Your first taste of sissy humiliation will feel like that all over again.

1. Call me.
2. Ask for humiliation, public humiliation. We will discuss your sissy humiliation!
3. I offer sissy a chance for humiliation, but I don't tell her when or if I will let her off.

Ok, Ok, I have just started on jane's tits. Oh, the corset?

Yes, she has learned the 'bunny ear' lacing so she can lace herself into the corset I sent her.

Sissy twit Jane.

Red fingernails, black stockings, strappy heels and big boobies.

You can't get much sissier than that!

Jane is on display for a very different reason.

Sissy twit Jane is every Mistress's dream come true..

And now she is registered as my property.

Jane is my sissy.

Would you like to be here?

Mistress Karen
(I manage men, and I enjoy my work!)

Mistress Welcome

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Email Assignments!
Keep one hand on phone,
and your other hand on
your credit card.

$15.00 per email assignment

three humiliating assignments

for a total of $45.00.

You will enjoy yourself,
but you will be controlled
in each sissy assignment.

Click sissy's dress!

Sissy Assignments by <br>Mistress Karen Leigh

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