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My Dearest Mistress Karen:

My first offering to you! Needs a title, please!

There are only two good things about traveling with your parents when you're my age: Hotel internet, and hotel pools. Once I got beyond middle school, summers became an endless series of hotels while my Mom & Dad worked exhibit halls and trade shows.

I sometimes could get part-time work handing out literature, but I keep my hair really long, so that was a turn off for some employers. And, these shows in big cities are controlled by unions, and I don't have a union card.

My name's Tommie, and I'm 5'5" and 125 lbs. I have long brown hair that reaches below my shoulders. I get a lot of crap at school for it, which is why I don't have a lot of guy friends there, and I don't miss not being home.

I have a few female friends at school, but I don't date.

I like hotels because I barely get noticed walking around (just another kid) so I can be sort of anonymous. I also find that hanging out at the pool is cool, the good-looking Moms don't even notice me.

I like checking out the bikinis while their husbands are attending the trade shows. I fantasize a lot about older women.

I've also hooked up with two cute girls in the video rooms - you'd be amazed how many teenage girls wander the hotel late at night. So far this summer I've gotten both girls to neck with me, but only one came up to my room, and then all I got was a handjob.

Like I said, I don't date, so I'm not real smooth in that department.

I always get my own room now, I think mostly cuz my Mom & Dad wanna have sex and they can't do that while I'm there.

I got a new MacBook Pro for Christmas, so I'm building a pretty good collection of porn on my Passport drive. I can't join any pay sites, but I can download sample videos, and collect pictures from email.

This year my big things are lesbians, transgendering, and bondage. Don't ask me why, but those really turn me on.

Sometimes at night, I take a shower, get dressed, and jerk off looking at pictures of hot girls being dominated by older women. I've also taken a liking to some transgender stuff - which I think is why I like wearing stockings and high heels and panties.

Mostly, though, I fantasize about being an actual girl slave to an older dominant woman. I'm getting so worked up about them that I went and bought some lingerie at Target. That was a real adventure - my Mom sent me for a bunch of groceries, so I went really early in the morning, when not a lot of people are there, and I went and bought these really sexy black spike-heeled pumps, and some stay-up stockings, and some thongs. I had NO idea what sizes to buy, so I bought a couple of each.

The shoes, however, were a real thrill - I actually slipped them on in the store! I'm a size 9, BTW.

By slipping all this stuff in with groceries, I think the cashier just figured my Mom was already out at the car. My story this year took a real twist in Denver, and only a month has gone by this summer. We always check in to the hotel on Fridays or Saturdays cuz the weekend is for getting the exhibit hall set up.

Most of these things start on Sunday or Monday evening, so while we're down in the hall setting up, the attendees at the airport arriving. I was in my room after dinner, and I'd slipped into my sheer, see-through purple thong and my black pumps, and was humping a couple of pillows, looking at a bondage video.

I always use my iPod headphones on the laptop when I'm watching porn, and just as Mistress Chanda Lily was smacking the crap out of this girl's bottom, with the volume cranked up full so I could really enjoy the spanking, I felt a breeze in the room.

I had my back to the door, laying crossways on the bed, so I turned to see where the breeze came from, and I about had a heart attack. I ripped off the headphones to realize I had not heard someone walk into my room !

"Well, well, well" said the incredibly beautiful blond woman who had just walked in the room with her suitcase behind her. She was holding her key card, and looking at me quizzically, and then said "Do Mommy and Daddy know you're getting off on kinky websites like 'Chanda's Slaves'?" I was dumbfounded. She walked slowly towards me while I pondered what just happened in the last few seconds.

A gorgeous woman, probably in her late thirties, wearing sexy spike-heeled red pumps under a very sexy red pantsuit just used her room key to walk into my room, and busted me watching bondage porn, which OBTW she knew the name of the site !

My little teenage brain was already running slow because all my blood supply was in my pecker, and now this woman has completely stumped me.

For a minute I thought I'd left the door unlocked, or maybe someone had accidently opened the door to the executive suite next door (I had an interior communicating door that bolted from my side).

I laid there speechless while I watched this vision of womanly perfection come towards me.

"Well?" she said, walking right up to the bed. "Are you going to answer me, young man?" She had an odd bemused expression on her face, not mad, not smiling, but definitely seductive. I laid there in awe.

", they don't" I stammered.

"Get up and speak to me appropriately!" she barked, snapping her fingers and pointing at the floor next to the bed. "Stand there!"

I slid off the bed and stood where she said, feeling completely ridiculous in my thong and high heels. She walked around the bed, and stood incredibly close to me. One hand brushed gently against my erect cock, which was clearly visible thru the sheer nylon of the thong.

"What's your name?" she asked quietly, her luscious lips just a few inches from my eyes. I was mesmerized.

"Tommie" I said.

"Tommie, the correct way to answer a question from a superior woman is to use her title in the response. Haven't you learned anything from those videos you've been jacking off to?"

My face must have turned sixteen shades of red, because she chuckled, and then said "OK, I've completely got you off-balance. When you speak to me, you always use the term Ma'am, Mistress, Goddess, or M'Lady in the sentence. For example, when I asked your name, you would say Tommie, Ma'am. Is that understood?"

I thought about it for a second. I better not fuck up the next response, or she might leave, and Lord knows I was living my fantasy right now! I had no idea how she got into my room, but I certainly didn't want her to leave yet............

"Yes, Ma'am" I responded.

"Good" she said, stepping back,and then turning and walking towards the window. She sat down in the easy chair, pulled the telephone closer to her, and then snapped her fingers again. "Come here, and kneel down next to me, slut". I immediately complied, nearly running to her side.

"STOP!" she commanded, and I froze in fear. "Go back to where you were, and walk towards me slowly, and wiggle your hips sensuously, like a girl would when she's walking on the beach, trying to get attention".

I complied, walking slowly, trying to roll my hips. Truth be told, I'd snuck into my Mom's closet more than once to dress up, so I knew exactly how to wear the high heels I had on.

She smiled as I walked over to her with my hips wiggling seductively and then gracefully knelt down beside her. I was completely enthralled with her now - so much so that I looked into her eyes all the way across the room, and didn't break eye contact as I knelt.

"Good, I see you learn quickly. Now, a few questions to sort this out. I take it you're here with your parents?"

"Yes, Ma'am".

"Is their room on this floor?"

"No, Ma'am, they're up on 34".

"Do they ever come to your room or check on you?"

"Yes, Ma'am, they'll always call around 10 PM to tell me to go to bed."

"Do you?"

I blushed........."Sometimes".

"I think you're a naughty little gyrl, and you stay up late at night looking at kinky websites. Is that true?"

I blushed again. This woman had a grip on me the likes of which I could not fathom. Plus, she had called me a girl, which was confusing and exciting at the same time. "Yes, Ma'am, I do" I said, blushing again.

"You're very attractive when you blush. I find it sexually attractive to embarrass my young slaves." She then reached over and ran her fingers through my long hair gently, using her long, red fingernails to comb the hair forward and frame my face. "Have you ever worn makeup, slut?"

"No, Ma'am" I replied, my pulse quickening as I realized that I was now in the presence of someone who I could only dream of previously. I prayed to myself that I wouldn't do anything stupid to make her leave.

I vowed immediately that I would do whatever she wanted, answer whatever she asked me, just so long as I could continue to kneel by her side and feel her touch me and smell that incredible perfume.

"I find your appearance to be very sexy. Your long hair works nicely with the sheer thong and high heels. Are those your shoes?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Did you buy them yourself?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Well, that must have been an exciting trip. You must tell me about it sometime. But first, I'd like to find out more about what arouses you. I see you were looking at a video from one of my favorite websites. Do you ever watch porn with men in it?

"No, Ma'am."

"Only women?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Excellent. I find that very sexy - you have lesbian tendencies yourself, don't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am." I was now so totally caught up with her that I would have thrown myself off a bridge if she'd asked. How could a boy be a lesbian? But hey, I was the one wearing high heels and a thong, so why not?

"So, I'm sure I'll find porn pictures on your computer too, won't I?

"Yes, Ma'am."

"If you like Chanda's Slaves, you must like lesbian porn, as well as bondage and discipline. Be completely open and honest with me, slave; Which turns you on more, the bondage or the discipline?"

I was stuck - I'd already decided to give her everything, but this was dangerous. Oh, well, I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound. "I like both of them a lot, but the bondage is only a method to get to the good stuff, like spankings and whippings and torture". There, I'd said it.

She smiled at me, for the first time really connecting, I think. She had a thought cross her mind, and then it was clear that she'd decided on something.

"Do you wear lingerie and high heels whenever you masturbate?"

"Yes, Mistress".


Oh, was I going to answer this one? I thought about it for a minute, and then said "I like to think of myself as a girl, making love to older women, and being their slave. Sometimes i get little samples of perfume and wear stockings and a thong and high heels and dream about being a sex slave a beautiful, dominant, older you."

Her eyes lit up, and the smile this time was very, very genuine. She stroked my cheeks now, her fingernails lightly carressing me. "Well, let's take care of business first".

With that, she lightly brushed her index finger over my lips, which surprised me, and I opened my mouth in reaction. She smiled, and slid the finger between my parted lips. "Suck", she commanded, in a quiet, melodious voice that spoke volumes of seduction, and domination, and slavery. I sucked willingly.

"Stop", she said quietly, smiling broadly as she withdrew her finger, leaning towards me and wiping my saliva from her fingertip onto my left nipple. She blew gently, using her cool breath to evaporate the liquid and cause my nipple to get cold, and therefore get hard, while her hair brushed against my face, and I could smell the exquisite fragrance of her perfume.

Turning her head slightly, her lips came to mine, and I felt our first kiss, whichever was incredibly sweet, but oh, waaay too short!

She leaned away, reached for the phone, and dialed the operator.

She asked for the Front Desk, and when they answered, she said "No, this is not he, this is Amanda Carter, I just checked in ten minutes ago, and I'm quite embarrassed to have to borrow this gentleman's phone to explain that I've been assigned a room that's already occupied. He's been a perfect gentleman and allowed me to use his phone, and not go out to the elevator bank and use the house phone, which would have been even more embarrassing. I'm sure you'll be able to fix this IMMEDIATELY". Her voice raised slightly at the end of the sentence, I could tell that this was a woman who was used to getting her way, and being waited on hand and foot. Damn, that wasn't all that hard to figure out, was it?

She had me kneeling practically naked next to her, sucking her finger, right? She didn't say anything for awhile, and it became obvious that whoever was on the other end was getting flustered. Finally, she said "The upgrade to an executive suite will be acceptable. I'm already on the 15th floor - do you have one on this floor?".

She waited a moment, and then a huge smile spread across her face. "Yes, that will be QUITE acceptable, as I won't have to walk far. Thank you very much, and I will now go to the elevator bank and wait for someone to bring me the appropriate key card. I don't expect to be kept waiting long".

With that, she hung up. This was obviously a woman used to being in charge.

She then stood up, and looked back at me. "Remain kneeling, slave".

"Yes, Ma'am."

She walked over to her suitcase, and took out a business card. She laid it on the desk, and then sat down on the bed, and picked up my MacBook. She looked thru my files carefully for a minute or two, a knowing smile spreading across her face. She put it down, and then snapped her fingers.

"Come here, slut", she ordered, while she walked back over to the door, pulling her bag with her. I immediately stood, and almost ran to her, but remembered my instructions, and after two steps I slowed and wiggled sensuously to her side.

WHAM ! She pinned me up against the locked door that led to the other room, and leaned in and planted one hell of a French kiss on me. Her tongue probed me while she took both my wrists and pinned them to the door, above my head.

I was giddy with lust, and dizziness swept thru me as my cock sprang hard against my thong. Using her right hand to pin both wrists, she continued to tongue-fuck my mouth while her knee found it's way against my cock, and she framed my chin with her left hand.

"Stay there" she whispered, ending our kiss, and carressed my face tenderly while looking deep into my eyes.

"Would you like to be my sex slave for the next few days" she asked, as her free hand slowly slid down to my crotch, and her fingernails brushed provocatively against my rock-hard penis.

"Would you like me to teach you to be a proper submissive? Would you like to learn how to be a sexy little gyrl slave, and be wonderfully feminine?"

"Yes, MISTRESS !" I exclaimed huskily, unable to gain any volume in my throat, but making sure she understood I wanted it badly. I wasn't going to miss this for the world !

Her hand came off my crotch, and reached over to unlock the deadbolt on the door I was leaning on. Whoever was in that room could now enter mine at any time. Could it be she'd been assigned the room next door? Could this incredible fantasy be coming true?

"Leave this inner door unlocked, and when I order you to, kneel on the floor by the window, facing the window, and don't move. You may use a pillow under your knees. Remain kneeling until I release you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress".

"Our games must remain private - you cannot reveal them to anyone - your girlfriend, your parents, your friends, or ESPECIALLY anyone online. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress" I replied. "I don't have a girlfriend, and I don't do Facebook, and I would NEVER tell my parents - they'd kill me !"

With that, she released my hands, and snapped her fingers while pointing to my window.

I obediently sashayed to the window, grabbing my pecker pillow on the way by the bed, and knelt down on the pillow, facing away from her. While I was walking, I heard her leave the room.

So, there I was, hard and horny and kneeling as ordered, a million crazy thoughts going thru my brain, like 'What if the maid comes in to turn down the bed' or 'what if she never releases me from this position?'. Crazy thoughts, but how much crazier could it get?

Here I am jacking off to a bondage video and a beautiful, dominant woman walks into my room and starts bossing me around.

About two minutes after she left (which seemed like an eternity) I heard the snap of a lock that sounded like the room next door, and then voices as someone was shown the room, and apologies were prolific.

I couldn't actually hear who was there, but I was pretty sure it was she. I continued to think about how sexy this was when I was startled by the sound of a deadbolt snapping back, a door opening, and then another door opening. Then, all I heard was someone moving around in the other room. I dared not look, but I was nearly certain she had opened the thru-doors.

That slight bit of uncertainty, however, made the next few minutes agonizingly excruciating, and exciting, and terribly, terribly sexy. It was obvious now that I could hear everything in her room - zippers on the suitcase, toiletries being put away, and clothing being hung on hangars. Clearly, the door between our rooms was wide open.

It seemed like forever, but probably only about 15 minutes, before there was a change in sounds. I could hear her walking on her spike heels in the bathroom, going in and out.

I was guessing she was either getting undressed, or getting dressed, or some combination thereof. It got very quiet, then the distinct sounds of a phone being dialed. The sun was nearly below the horizon outside the window I was facing, and with no lights on in my room, it was dark, and sexy, and very, very quiet.

"Hello darling" I heard her say. "Are you on your knees?"

My heart skipped a beat, and I actually turned around, thinking she was in the room with me. Then, I realized she was talking on the phone.

"I'm assuming all the chores are done, the dog is walked, and all my kitties have been fed?" A short delay, then "Good, you may give yourself a reward tonight. Since I"m not there, go in my bedroom and pick out a pair of heels, and lick them as you masturbate. You may have as many orgasms as you like ! "

Another delay. "I love you, too, good to yourself, and Mistress will be home to whip your bottom and make you happy in a few days. Meanwhile, Mistress is going to find a toy and play with it. You may dream about my hot, wet pussy, and make yourself come all you like".

Another delay - the person on the other end was talking.

"Your welcome, my sexy little slave. Now, go have fun. Good night, darling". It became quiet again.

I didn't know if I should be jealous or aroused. I decided to be both. I hadn't been able to tell if she was talking to a man, a woman, a boy or a girl, but in my fantasies it would have been her lesbian lover.

Either way, it was clear she was dominant in her home life as well as when she walked in on teenage cross-dressing boys ! It was just then that I heard water running (either the shower or sink) for about five minutes. I don't know how long most women take in the shower, but know my step-Mom takes long showers, so if it was the shower, it was a quick one.

I began to notice that, even with the cushioning of the pillow, my knees were getting sore. The sun was now completely below the horizon, my room was dark, and I was still (after what must have been 45 minutes or more) kneeling submissively, waiting for this mystery woman.

I heard more movement, then heels on the bathroom floor again, and then quiet. The air in my room changed ever so slightly, then I detected a whiff of perfume that still, to this day, creates an instant reaction in my penis.

I didn't know it then, but later I would learn that Lady Amanda wore 'Cinnabar' by Estee Lauder, a very, very expensive fragrance. It's my all-time absolutely favorite perfume, for obvious reasons.

I was a virgin when I met her, and (hopefully) I wouldn't be much longer, and Cinnabar is the reminder of the loss of my innocence, and the single sexiest night of my life (up until now).

I heard, imperceptibly, the rustling of stockings. Stocking make a unique sound when they rub against each other, and Mistress Amanda was rubbing her thighs together as she slowly walked across the room.

I was still facing the window, still kneeling, and didn't see her, but the perfume, and stockings, and her general aura invaded my senses. I felt a lightness of being the likes of which I've never experienced before, or after.

She could have told me to jump out the window to my death, and I would have enjoyed the fall. I've never felt so erotic in my life, either before then, or certainly not after.

Her first touch was gentle, a light handed caress across my shoulder. I heard the rustle of her stockings as she squatted down behind me, and the tickle of her long, blond hair as she gently kissed my neck. I leaned to the left, giving her more access, and was rewarded with licking and sucking behind my ear, along my neck, and down to my shoulders.

This would be the first of many lessons as to how many erogenous zones there really are.

"Are you ready to serve me, slut?" she whispered, with one hand on my other shoulder, and the other gently caressing my ass cheeks. As she played, she ran a finger under my thong, pulling the center strip tightly across my rectum. "Are you ready to obey me completely?"

"Yes, Goddess" I replied.

It wasn't until I spoke that I realized I was trembling, and my legs were shaking. Was I nervous, or had I met my limit for kneeling?

"Stand up, sweetie......and be careful. You've been kneeling for nearly an hour. It's going to be hard to stand. I'll hold onto you".

I stood, and She was right, it was really, really difficult.

I flexed my legs, standing alternately on each spike-heeled pump as I got the blood flowing through my knees.

Mistress Amanda stood behind me, holding me by the shoulders, I felt the smooth fabric of a bra covering her breasts as the pushed against my back, and in the dark, as I turned, I saw the lace of a garter belt. She was wearing the same pumps I saw earlier, and stockings, but I couldn't see colors in the dark.

She turned me by the shoulders, and took my hands and pulled them around her back,and then embraced me. I looked up at her, realizing that with her two inches of extra height, and taller heels, she was dominating me physically. Then, slowly, gently, and without warning, her lips touched mine, and for the second time that evening I felt the 'unbearable lightness of being'.

She held me as a lover would , kissing me deeply, my mouth opening to meet her lips, her tongue darting in and out, and I moaned, loving every minute of it. She broke off the kiss, and pulled back, smiling at me with a beautific look that penetrated straight to my heart.

"Walk across the room, and back, twice. Do it slowly, and show off for me, darling". With that, she sat down in the lounge chair, pulling the hassock/footstool towards her, and putting her feet up. Her long, sexy legs were now fully displayed.

Wearing only heels, hose, a garter belt and a sheer, low-cut brassiere, Amanda was a picture perfect example of mature femininity.

I didn't stand a chance against this kind of sexuality - I could merely do what I was told. It was clear, even in the dark, that there wasn't a bit of hair near her pussy, but in the dark, I couldn't actually see her cunt lips. I desperately wanted to, but didn't dare push it.

After two laps, wiggling my hips as I walked, feeling obscenely feminine and submissive, and my legs feeling much better, I stopped in front of her.

"Go get your laptop" she said, and I complied.

"Kneel here on my right, and set the machine on the hassock".

I did so, setting it so she could see the screen.

She reached down and ran her fingernails across my bottom while she leaned in close to my ear.

"Are you ready to show me all your deepest, darkest, kinkiest fantasies, my darling?" she whispered.

"Yes, Mistress" I croaked, completely overwhelmed by her voice, her perfume, and her touch. My God I was horny !

"Show me your most favorite website - after Chanda Lily, of course. I'm verrrry familiar with that one already.....and not just from seeing you on the bed jacking off to it! It's one of my favorites. I love Chanda's Australian accent, and the way she fucks girls and makes them go down on her. I think she's on of the sexiest women in the BDSM scene. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, Mistress" I replied, and then without warning she kissed my again, and again her tongue was deep into my mouth.

"What's your favorite thing on her site?" she asked me, pulling away slightly.

She couldn't have been more than two inches from my face, and her beautiful brown eyes were like lie detectors, looking right into my soul.

"Be completely honest with me, sweetie.....what makes this hard?"

I felt her hand on my cock again, fingernails raking it thru the slick fabric. "I really like the whippings, and the girl-girl sex, and especially the strap-on sex. It looks like she really enjoys fucking girls that way, even though it's more domination than love-making."

Amanda eyed me curiously. "That's a very perceptive statement for such a young person" she said.

"Are you sure you're a virgin?"

"Yes, Ma'am." She eyed me even closer.

"So you enjoy the domination aspect, the exchange of power, and the loss of control?"

"Yes, Mistress. I like that most of all. I think the whippings and the forced fuckings prove that she's in charge of her bitches."

"Do you imagine being fucked like one of those girls? When you masturbate, does it excite you to imagine yourself in lingerie, bound over a table, with a strap-on being shoved forcefully up your ass?"

I couldn't lie to her - she could feel how hard I was ! "Yes, Mistress.......I think about it a lot. I love to imagine a woman grabbing me by the hips and thrusting her cock into me".

"Excellent ! me your next favorite site. Show me something reallly kinky".

She leaned back a little, but her fingernails stayed on my thong, and her eyes were boring into me. I was amazed at the amount of details I was willing to share with this willful woman who was a complete stranger to me.

I nervously selected 'whipping-gate', a German site where women were actually whipped. I got to the home page. I rolled down thru the page, where there were large, full-color sample photos of each video. Clearly, the beautiful young women were not enjoying their modeling work, and the welts of the canes and leather straps were clearly visible.

Although most of the whippings were administered by men, several videos were women on women, and I lingered on those as I scrolled down. The scenes were realistic, and scenario-based, with prisons, dungeons, and outdoor scenes.

She leaned in closer, and used her other hand to caress my already-hard cock thru my thong. "Does this turn you on, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress". I noticed I was having trouble breathing.

"You can imagine yourself in that position, can't you, bitch?" she whispered, her fingernails tracing across my cock and my ass simultaneously. We were looking at a photo of a fully-dressed woman, known on the site as 'The Instructress', wielding a whip to the bottom of a pretty girl in a dungeon. The globes of her ass were flexing as the single-tail whip impacted the flesh, and other photos showed deep, red welts across the girl's bottom and thighs.

"Oh, God, yes, Mistress" I panted, getting closer and closer to my peak. As if she knew that, she leaned back and stopped.

"Do you have a membership?"

"No, Mistress, I just look at the trailers and samples. I don't have a credit card".

"Hmm........we'll have to fix that later. For now, show me the next site...... one that you like to jack off to when you're ready to come. Show me the one that creates the really hot feelings in your loins."

I went to 'leslovevideo', which was a catalog, but they had a sample video for almost every movie they sold. She leaned in closer, and began carressing my back while I paged thru several different titles. She stopped me at one that featured the inimitable Nina Hartley in a lesbian domination fantasy about a school for lesbian slaves.

"Are there samples here?" she asked, clearly interested in the idea of the older Ms. Hartley dominating the young girls pictured with her.

"Yes, Mistress, and I've watched this one before. Would you like to see it?"

"Of course........don't you?" With that, she kissed me gently on the cheek.

"Yes, M'Lady" I replied, trying out another of the superlatives she had given me to call her. I selected the video trailer and we waited while RealPlayer loaded up, and I felt a little dizzy thinking about the kiss on the cheek.

The trailer started, telling the story of Nina Hartley as the Headmistress of an all-girl school that focused on lesbian training. I felt Amanda's one hand on my back move to my ass as Ms. Hartley began paddling a young lady really, really hard, and then Amanda began grabbing my cheeks harder when the trailer finished with a dungeon whipping scene, followed by oral sex on the concrete floor between two students while a third serviced the Headmistress on a leather-covered table.

I was breathing hard, and so was she, and it wasn't until the short video was finished that I realized her other hand wasn't on me anymore. I wasn't sure where it was, but I had a sneaking suspicion she was playing with herself.

"You want to be a lesbian slave, don't you, darling?" she asked me, her other hand re-appearing on the scene by sliding into my thong, and for the first time, she actually touched my cock full-on. I was hard as a rock, and ready to come at a moment's notice. She pulled the thong aside, and my cock and balls hung out in the open.

"Yes, Mistress" I throatily replied, having difficulty speaking as I was almost ready to come.

"Well, Tommie isn't an appropriate name for a lesbian slave, now is it? We need a new name, a very feminine girl's name for my newly enslaved little slut. What would you like for a name, whore?"

I was speechless. My cock was throbbing now, and I was scared that I would come, and I didn't know if that was OK. I turned to look at her, pleading with my eyes for relief, and in the soft glow of dim light from the window I saw her smile, just before she leaned in and kissed me.

She gently touched her lips to mine, and discreetly slid her tongue into my mouth, and then the kiss became harder, and more insistent, and her touch on my cock became lighter, and more teasing, and I thought I would just scream with pleasure.

She broke off the kiss and leaned back, pulling her feet off the hassock. "You'll be Tammie, which should be easy to remember" she said, crossing one leg over the other so that her red spike-heeled pump was a mere two or three inches from my erect member.

She continued to lightly tease it, a rhythmic stroking that had me ready to explode. "So, Tammie, would you like to come now?" she asked, grinning from ear to ear, and clearly enjoying the complete and total control she was exerting over me.

"Oh, God, YES, please, Mistress.......may I come?" I begged, in a voice louder than I expected.

"You may spurt when you're ready, slut, but I want you to ensure the majority of your come lands on the front of my shoes". With that, she uncrossed her legs, put her feet up next to each other on the edge of the hassock, and spanked me hard several times while she teased the head of my cock again and again.

To this day, I'm not sure I remember that orgasm. I do know I made a lot of noise, so much so she shushed me, and smacked me harder on the bottom to get my attention. I remember the incredible relief I felt, the enormous venting of pressure, and then, as if it was the most important thing in the world, I remember seeing my come all over her shoes as she pulled me over to her and kissed me for what seemed like an eternity. I remember feeling so loved, so owned, so dominated, so pleasured, so embarrassed, so humiliated, and so completely, absolutely & totally aroused, sexy, and horny, I was convinced it could never be this good ever again.

Her feet now down on the floor, she looked at me with a completely satsifed expression on her face. SMACK ! She slapped me hard across the face, and then carressed the cheek as it turned red. "Down, slut, and lick every little bit of your come off my shoes. I want them sparkling clean in sixty seconds!" With that, she pushed my face towards the floor.

I immediately put my elbows on the carpet, and without delay (and without thinking about the taste) began lapping up the cream. It was salty, and kinda slimy, but not too awful, and did NOT want to disappoint the vision of beauty who was spanking my bottom gently while I licked. It only took a minute, and she turned her feet this way and that to help me, and then I had the shoes clean.

"Lick my heels, slut" she commanded, crossing her legs again, and putting one shoe up at eye level. I straightened up on my knees, stuck out my tongue, and slowly touched it to the bottom of the spike heel while I looked into her eyes.

I ran the tip of my tongue in circles around the heel, and she sucked in her breath. "Where EVER did you learn to be such a little pussy teaser, you sapphic slut? she asked, grinning again, and then without any shame whatsoever, slid her hands between her legs and spread her lips.

NOW I could see her cunt, and it glistened in the moonlight and attracted my complete teenage attention. It was smooth-shaven, and beautiful, and she was teasing her clitty with one middle finger, which she licked every so often and touched it to her clit, which was standing up fully.

For the first time in my life, I was seeing a real clit, not just a video. This fact was not lost on the Mistress. "Have you ever 'actually' tasted pussy, Tammie?" she asked, sliding that same middle finger into her hole.

I was mesmerized. It took me a minute to answer, during which I began sucking her heel in earnest, taking all four inches into my mouth, and then releasing it. "No, Goddess" I replied, and wished I could have thought of something more original to say. I was transfixed by the glistening wetness of her opening, and I felt my entire self being sucked into that hole.

"Come here, and kneel facing me" she said, and with that, she slid her bottom down in the chair so it was almost at the edge. I was speechless......I was about to get my first lesson in cunnilingus, and frankly any soreness in my knees was looooong since forgotten!


I was thinking after the cunnilingus lesson, we might end up in the shower, getting feminized, while she calls her slave at home to ship toys, shoes, and clothes.

I'm wondering what kind of trouble we could get into the next few evenings?

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